NSW Ministry of Health
  • Consulting with tertiary education providers in NSW to develop strategies for engagement between NSW Health, the NSW tertiary education sector and China’s health system
  • Developing standard operating procedures for aged care programs combining Commonwealth and State governance and adaptable to local delivery models
  • Preparing a community-focused report on the technical results of a major health and nutrition survey
  • Developing a state-wide framework for Type 2 diabetes prevention and management­,­ including a booklet of case studies
  • Establishing a compendium of best practice in the four domains of Governance and Leadership, People and Culture, Quality and Safety, and Finance, incorporating more than 100 case studies
  • Facilitating large and small group workshops for the Aboriginal smoking cessation program Quit for New Life, the NSW Tobacco Forum 2017 and strategic planning for the Ministry branches


Health Reform and Investment
  • Developing reform implementation strategies for the Non-Government Organisation Grants Program
  • Planning purchasing strategies for research services provided to NSW Health
  • Preparing a mid-term report of activity and outcomes achieved under a major healthcare reform strategy through consultation with system-wide stakeholders
  • Developing a system-wide governance and funding model for the integration of the arts and the arts community into the NSW public health system