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Delivering excellence for the Health sector through insight, experience and expertise.

Hatfield House draws on Joanne’s experience in the public health sector to make health a focus area of our consulting work. Health sector clients include the Australian Government Department of Health, NSW and Territory Health Departments, and Health Non-Government Organisations.

Joanne has worked with health policy and program areas including, aged care, mental health, population and public health, cancer control, tobacco control, integrated care, primary care, health workforce, regulatory services, strategic policy, and system reform.

Leaders in online consultation, we can consult both in-person and online using cutting edge and interactive technology and will devise a strategic and structured approach from end-to-end.


Our health portfolio expertise includes:
  • Strategic policy and program development
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Program evaluation and transformation


Our process is tailored to meet your individual needs but can include:
  • Defining the consultation purpose;
  • Agenda development;
  • Stakeholder analysis and segmentation;
  • Facilitation methodology that activates participants productivity and effectiveness;
  • Management of contentious issues and risks;
  • Documentation, and
  • Logistics.

“I needed someone with an expert background and was also prepared to spend time working through some of the unique challenges for our region. With her in-depth knowledge of public and population health practices, her approach and manner to the conversation and her diligence in follow-up, Jo was the right person for this job

Recent Projects
Strategic policy and program development


  • Facilitation of national consultation workshops for the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review
  • Facilitation of national roundtables for the Medical Research Future Fund
  • Facilitating policy development for the Aboriginal smoking cessation program Quit for New Life, the NSW Tobacco Forum and smoking and mental health care
  • Working with senior Executive/governance groups to articulate responses to complex policy and program issues
  • Qualitative evaluation interviews for the evaluation of routine screening for domestic violence in three Local Health Districts
  • Preparing a community-focused report on the technical results of a major health and nutrition survey
  • Consulting with tertiary education providers in NSW to develop strategies for engagement between NSW Health, the NSW tertiary education sector and China’s health system


 Program evaluation and transformation
  • Review of workforce models for aged care assessment workforce in NSW
  • Five-year review of the activities of the NSW Mental Health Commission for the legislative review under the Mental Health Commission Act
  • Developing reform implementation strategies for the Non-Government Organisation Grants Program
  • Reviewing purchasing opportunities for external population health research services
  • Preparing a mid-term report of activity and outcomes achieved under a major healthcare reform strategy through consultation with system-wide stakeholders
  • Review of mental health research services for a metropolitan Local Health District.

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